A Contradiction of Style

Do you ever have one of those moments when everything gets clear, just clicks in an instant? That happened to me last week. It hit me: style-wise, I am a contradiction. What I think I want and what I actually want aren’t the same…and it’s totally fine.
First, a little back story. In 2003 I decided to open The Shoe Hive. There were many reasons I wanted to do this: I loved small business, I am an entrepreneur at heart, I love fashion…and I couldn’t find Bettye Muller shoes in Northern Virginia.
I bought my first pair of Bettyes in the town where I was born, Cincinnati, Ohio, at one of my still-favorite stores, Alligator Purse. Then I got my second in Richmond, Virginia at The Little Shoe Box. Naturally, once I opened The Hive, Bettye Muller was the first order I placed for my dream store.
The love affair began and we’ve carried Bettye every season since. She’s done a trunk show for us and become a good friend. But it occurred to me that I have been taking Bettye Muller for granted; her line is more than just one of our best sellers and my personal favorite. As I unpacked the boxes of her Fall delivery, I realized the Bettye brand is just like my life: a contradiction.I own Bettye’s shoes for practical reasons. Her fabrics are exquisite. Her quality is unmatched. The silhouettes are timeless, practical and yes, comfortable.
But I buy them for the shelves of my store for another reason entirely.When I go in Bettye’s showroom and look around, what catches my eye? The beautiful, practical pumps that fit my real life, as evidenced by my closet at home that’s filled with her classic kitten heels and exquisitely made flat boots? No way. Not even close. Instead I am swept away by and totally in love with by the entire collection of five-inch platform heels.
And now I’m wearing gorgeous five-inch platforms, right?Sigh, no (see: closet full of kitten heels and flats), which brings me back to my revelation: Bettye doesn’t just get this contradiction, she celebrates it. So if the five-inch platforms you love don’t fit in your real life, you don’t have to compromise on the style that attracts you.
This season I picked four shoes that demonstrate this. The Bombshell, a suede slingback with a python platform and heel, and its counterpart the Arpege in python. The Fury in grey suede, and the Feather black.
Arpege from Bettye Muller python printed pump with 1/5" heel.
Bombshell by Bettye Muller camel suede peep toe platform
Fury by Bettye Muller fur cuff suede bootie
So come check out our fall collection. As Bettye reminds us, even if you flock to the runway-ready five-inch platforms when your life is really more preschool pick-up, you can bridge the gap without compromising on style.