I have been meaning to start a blog for years. SO when I went to the recent Tory Burch opening and had my photo taken on the premise that I had a blog, I decided it was time to pull the trigger.

Tory Burch is to me what Peyton Manning is to my husband.

I opened my store in 2003 and Tory Burch launched in 2004. Since then her line has been a staple in both my wardrobe and my store. I first carried the Reva in May of 2006 and since then have expanded to carry handbags and sunglasses. Each year her shoes seem to get better.

After meeting her I realize why she is so successful. She is a graceful and elegant as the clothes she designs.

We just received our latest shipment of resort handbags and they will not disappoint…just like meeting Tory didn’t!