Valentine’s Day

Nobody loves pink and Valentines Day more than my daughter. My husband and I use to cross the river to Your Nation’s Capital to go to dinner exactly twice a year: Valentine’s Day and our wedding anniversary. Now he takes our daughter out on a date for Valentine’s Day and I get left dateless. She gets dressed to the 9s, and usually in something pink. She gets a big bouquet of flowers, her favorite candy, reservations for a white table cloth, 4-course dinner. My husband wears a coat and tie — not his normal ad agency attire — and makes sure the whole night is a production, and a crash course on gentility and etiquette to boot. Our daughter looks forward to it for weeks, and has already started quizzing her dad to make sure he orders her flowers in time. Some people have asked me if I get upset that he doesn’t take me out for the big day, which always surprises. Truth is, it only makes me love him more. When my daughter’s much older and on a big date with some boy I’m sure I’ll want to strangle, that guy will have an awfully big standard to meet as a gentleman — and if that makes me miss a dozen Valentine’s Day dates, that’s fine by me.

Here are some of my favorite pink things in the store for Valentines Day that I am sure would get my 4 year olds approval.