Bobcat Nation

Nine years back on my 4 year wedding anniversary my husband toasted to the best 4 years of his life.I love my husband, but I had to hesitate.  I went to Ohio University.  I think it would be illegal to have more fun than you do at Ohio University. Yes, part of this is because it is ranked one of top party schools, which I helped in that ranking from 1991 to 1995. There are many more reasons. The campus is beautiful and you can walk everywhere, but the main reason is the people.

This summer I will head to the beach again with my 5 college roommates, our husbands and our 13 children. Most of the time we will discuss how they missed out and could not have possibly had as much fun as we did at Ohio University.  We will tell the same stories and laugh just as much as we did when they happened, We will also make sure we tell these stories when our children are sleeping.

Tonight my Bobcats play in the Sweet 16 for the first time since the 60s!  I have always loved college basketball but it is always more fun to watch when your alma matter is playing.  I decided it would be wrong for me to post a photo on a fashion blog with me wearing an OU sweatshirt, so this Nanette Lepore jacket will have to do.