Two Fashion Videos

I wanted to share two videos with you all. One is the link to a “behind the scenes” video for the Women of Fashion feature in Washingtonian. As you will see, there were outfit changes, make-up artists, lots of lighting and very talented people involved who made me look better than I ever do in real life. I actually had a woman shopping the other day tell me, with a straight face, how much she liked the picture of our store’s owner in Washingtonian – unaware of the fact that was me due to the stark contrast between my actual appearance and my “enhanced” magazine photo. There’s nothing like a little dose of honest reality to keep you humble, I guess.

Video number 2 is from our fellow Old Town Boutique District store, Periwinkle. There are now 3 Periwinkle locations filled with adorable new spring clothing, accessories and shoes. You can shop Periwinkle in Old Town, Shirlington or National Harbor. It’s a very well-run store and I just can’t stop watching this video!


[wpvideo ymfhd81O]

[wpvideo VhDWLr0I]