Alison & Alison

When I started thinking of bloggers with whom I wanted to work on our pop-up shop, I immediately thought of the ladies behind DC Celine and Wardrobe Oxygen. When I discovered that they are both named Alison (with one L), it seemed like fate. Both of them began blogging about seven years ago, back when blogging was still a very new concept. Through the years, their blogs have changed, their lives have changed, they have changed…but they remain stylish and have retained their sense of humor about both blogging and style. Proof. More proof.

(Alison and Alison are in the leopard and ethnic print dresses.)

Not only have they helped us get the word out about the pop-up shop, but they visited the store last week to pick out shoes to wear to the event. Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen selected the ever-stylish Pour la Victoire animal-print Mary Jane pumps while Alison of DC Celine selected the oh-so-cool Bettye Muller navy oxford booties. We all helped convince Elizabeth that she needed the Elizabeth & James wedges. Following our selections, we enjoyed drinks, eats and good conversation at Grape & Bean because, well, it’s good and it’s a block away.

Thank you in advance to all of those who are planning on coming to the pop-up shop this weekend. If you can make it to our opening night party, you will have the chance to meet the lovely Alisons and to see the wish lists they’ve created. Whether you can make it or not, the process of planning The Shoe Hive’s first pop-up shop has been made all the better thanks to your encouragement and support. Happy shopping!