Anniversary Countdown: January

It is hard to believe our ten-year anniversary is soon approaching. Every year The Shoe Hive has been in business, I seem to have a favorite pair of shoes that we’ve carried. So, I thought I would share my top ten favorites over the next ten months. As I was assembling my top ten, I noticed how many trends have come full circle—a testament to keep what you love and more importantly to wear what you love. If it goes out of style and you keep wearing it, you will be considered ahead of the fashion curve at some point, right?

Emma Hope Knit Boots

Emma 1Emma Hope is one of the brands that made me want a shoe store. We haven’t carried it in a few years but I am bringing it back for the anniversary.

These boots were supposed to be all cashmere but in production they switched to a cashmere blend (*sigh*). Nonetheless, they are beautiful. We never had anything at the store like them before their arrival, and we have never had anything like them since.

I actually bought two pairs knowing they would probably never be replicated…and they haven’t.