How to Wear It: Jon Josef Gatsby Cat Flat in Natural Linen

Every Tuesday on Facebook I reference a new trend that is a little out there. Whether we carry it at The Shoe Hive or not, I ask for our followers’ opinion. We love hearing what our customers like and dislike as it helps us make smarter decisions in the future. Plus, we really love talking about shoes.

I call it “Diss or Do?”

Today’s Diss or Do? is the newly arrived cat flat by Jon Josef. If you’ve been paying attention, you have probably seen it featured in a number of magazines–print and online. It started with Charlotte Olympia. Then Marc Jacobs. And now, Jon Josef has sent us his take on it, in natural linen and gold thread and contouring.


The pair was even featured in People StyleWatch this past September as a “Look for Less.”


Feel free to weigh in on this trend on Facebook. But even if you like it, it can be a little difficult to style. This is definitely not a basic back flat. So, I’ve pulled some celebrity looks I think are easy to replicate. The key is to keep the look simple–let the shoes have the spotlight.

sjpThis first look–SJP walking her son to school–is my favorite for two reasons. It’s easy to pull off and it’s warm. Proof that you can wear these flats even on a chilly day.

tayor-swift-cat-shoesNow, personally, I am not a huge fan of Ms. Swift’s style, but I wanted to show a few examples of how the shoes can be dressed up, especially with a touch of 50s flare. While these looks feel a bit more costumey than SJP’s, they certainly have more personality.

alexa-chung-charlotte-olympia-kitty-cat-flats2Finally, Alexa Chung has been photographed over and over again in her cat flats. I love the contrast of these two looks. One is neutral, the other colorful. Once worn with pants, once with a dress.

So, while you might not think of these feline flats as being particularly versatile, take a cue from these lovely ladies and try wearing them with casual and dressier looks alike.