Dazed and Confused

In college one of my favorite movies was Dazed and Confused. I never knew the movie would relate so much to my life now.

Matthew McConaughey’s character says one of my favorite lines, “I keep getting older but the girls just stay the same age.”

This, as it turns out, is my life in retail. When I started the store, I was 30 and my manager was 23. The pattern continued over the years—except for the part about me being 30. Everyone that works at my store, it seems, is perpetually and always, under the age of 30. I however, am within an equinox of 40—despite the fact that I have only admitted to being in my “late 30s” for a matter of months.

The reality of my Dazed and Confused status set in when I went to get my eyes checked for the first time in 12 years—an appointment spurred by the fact that I kept bringing out the wrong sized shoes for customers. I was certain I had an allergy that simple drops could fix. Oh, no.

On Friday, you see, I found out that I need bifocals. Brutal. My 96-year-old grandmother wears bifocals but she hasn’t needed them my whole life. What does this say about me?

Since I have never picked out glasses I thought I would have you all help me out. Let me know if you like one of the pairs below or think I should start over.

Lib1 Lib2 Lib3


  1. Mary Lauer says:

    I like the second pair. Tho I think you could carry off a brightly colored pair of specs quite well!

  2. I like option #2…and don’t worry, no matter what, I’m always older than you 😉

  3. #2. i turn 40 in 23 days!

  4. Sharon Taft (Kris) says:

    I like option#2 also. Don’t worry Elizabeth the use of computers deteriorates our sight a lot sooner than previous generations.

  5. Brooke Byrne says:

    You need to be thankful that you haven’t needed glasses before now. Plus, when you look like you are the same age as the rest of the girls who work for you you don’t need to worry about the dreaded birthday coming up. I love #2. Can’t wait to see you!

  6. Sara Golden says:

    Elizabeth your not getting old, 40 is the new 30!!!! My vote is Option 2

  7. I LOVE option No. 3! Those particular frames add nice depth to your oval-shaped face, which helps balance out your features! Plus, these specs offer up softer angles, so they don’t come across as being too harsh! But you’ll look fabulous and super spexy, no matter which pair you pick!

  8. Evie Cartwright says:

    I like the second ones as well!

  9. livingthrugoals says:

    I too like option two of the choices. Maybe try a deep shade of plum… or greys or browns. Bring out your eye color. Feel like the dark frames are taking away from them… may just be the pic… but what do I know. 🙂

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