Transitional Wear…Still

So, as I jet off to Vero Beach far away from the dreadful weather that lingers in Old Town, I do feel sorry for all of those I’ve left behind. Just because I will be wearing sleeveless tops and open-toed shoes for the next week doesn’t mean that I’m not concerned with what you will wear as a result of this odd spring chill. In fact, when I stumbled across these clippings from my November InStyle (it takes me a while to get through them), it dawned on me that these looks were still very wearable–for you–right now.

TSH1Left: We don’t have the AGLs pictured here, but we do have these new AGL oxfords and honestly I like ours even better.

Right: As as long as the snow has melted, these suede booties by Aquatalia are infinitely more practical than the sky-high ones here.


Left: Get the look with any of our fall or spring Jon Josef styles.

Right: A printed pump is definitely still the way to go, but I think a slightly “springier” color scheme is justifiable in March. This Kate Spade pump should do the trick.


Left: I do like these loafers but I don’t think they have mass appeal. You’ll be better served by going with something like the Torpedo by Daniblack.

Right: A classic style in a classic color, you will wear these Sam Edelmans for many years to come.

Alright, now that your transitional wardrobe is covered, I don’t feel quite as guilty for enjoying the Florida sun while you are still in layers.

Who am I kidding? I don’t feel guilty at all 🙂