Anniversary Countdown: March

If you have shopped at my store over the past 9 plus years you have noticed there are a couple things I have a hard time not buying.

Buckles, anything orange, anything cashmere, luggage leather, chunky gold jewelry pieces that looks Mr. T would wear them and shoes that lace — we have them all in stock perpetually.

I recently took a picture of just a few of the lace up shoes I own. There is an entire other section in my closet of boots that lace up.

Among my 3 favorite pair of shoes (and that’s saying something) is these. This particular pair of shoes is what I would call perfection.

2013-03-29 12.36.34 2013-03-29 12.36.53

They’re luggage leather. They have a kitten heel. They lace. They are by Bettye Muller.

It just doesn’t get better than that.

2013-03-29 12.37.01 2013-03-29 12.37.48

This year I decided to pick up a new line based on their fellow love of lace-up shoes. Plomo out of Brazil. We have two pairs of great cut out lace up oxfords but the real clincher was a pair of luggage leather lace up flats. Once it warms up I am sure they will become a new staple.

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