Spring Break: Todd Family Style

I just got back from spring break with my husband and kids although it already seems very far away. We were in Vero Beach where my parents retired. My sister Rebecca and her husband were there, which was exciting for my kids because she used to live in Alexandria until last October and she is having a baby in May. I think her belly got lots of kisses from my little ones. Later in the week my brother, his wife and the ever popular Emma and Zoe arrived. The countdown for their arrival began the minute we touched down in Orlando.

Take off: Me unsuccessfully trying to read Elle on the plane. Not sure how Brad figured out how to sit solo on the flight.


Spring Training! The first two days weren’t too warm but it didn’t matter. Brad, Papa, Bear and Big Boy hit spring training to watch the Nats.

Vacataion2 Vacation3

Once it did warm up we hit the pool and the beach. Bear is finally swimming and was doing cannon balls. I couldn’t believe it since she screamed so much at lessons last year people approached me at the pool to give me advice on not to wait so long to start lessons. We started lessons when she was 8 months old. Big boy was obviously looking for treasures.

Vacation4 Vacation5Easter prep: SO my mom was green before green was green. Many who know me find this shocking. We had cloth diapers, I have recycled since I can remember and my mom had a huge garden that was probably not allowed in our country club neighborhood. This easter my mom decided to die easter eggs the natural way. Below is the before and after. I rest my case for chemicals.


The kids were up early for the egg hunt. I was still in my Elizabeth Cotton pjs. Below is our attempt at a family photo.


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  1. I adore the last photo! It’s such an honest snapshot of what most family interactions are like!
    P.S. How DID Brad manage to sit alone on the flight? I want to know for next time we get on a plane! XO Ann

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