For the moms

I know you have been bombarded this week and last with Mother’s Day gift ideas by email, Facebook, Twitter, ads, commercials and more. I know I have, and I was really going to try to avoid doing the same today, despite setting up a Facebook album for inspiration earlier in the week. But the truth is I try to blog every Tuesday and Friday…and I could not think of a single other thing to blog about. I have a few things in the pipeline, but nothing finished. I skimmed through Vanity Fair, InStyle and Real Simple (I was desperate), and still…nothing. So, here you go. Maybe the time I spent on this  will be helpful to some of my readers. (Everything is from The Shoe Hive, obviously.) And, even though the Mother’s Day marketing has been relentless this year, our moms really do deserve to be spoiled–at least once a year!


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