Meet Chamak Jewelry Designer Priya

This spring and summer we are excited to carry some new jewelry lines and thought what better way to introduce these lines than through the talented designers themselves! First up is designer, Priya Kakkar of Chamak jewelry.

Priya and her nieces    priya Headshot

Give us a brief backstory of how you got started in the fashion industry?

I studied at FIT. I always knew I wanted to work in the industry. I focused more on the business side of fashion, I worked in sales for Burberry and Chanel. I am so happy to now be on the creative side as well. It is a wonderful and fun outlet. I think it has been an important aspect of my life that I have seen the industry from both sides. My experience in sales has helped me to effectively design successful pieces.

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Who or what influenced you to start your own jewelry line? How long have you been designing jewelry?

Bendels first noticed me in a market appointment for another client. The first bangle that I ever made was a bangle that nobody had ever made before – it was baked clay and the only thing in the market at the time. It was an innovation that launched my life as I now know it! I was wearing one of these bangles I had made myself, and Bendel’s ended up buying them for their store. Next thing I knew, I was in Neiman Marcus’ Christmas catalog then on the Today Show as a top ten Christmas gifts for the year. The rest is fabulous history!

Explain the name behind your jewelry line, Chamak?

Chamak in my native language of Hindi means to shine and sparkle in a glitzy, glamorous way.

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Who or what is your go-to for designer inspiration?

I am definitely inspired by haute couture and I pay close attention to the shows. I also think it is vital to notice what the Chamak girl is wearing on the street or out to dinner. It’s all about mixing high and low. It is important to find things that can be worn to work and to cocktails right after. I love, love everything from Marc Jacobs and Marni to J.Crew!

What five pieces of jewelry should every woman own?

-a pearl necklace
-a pair of pearl earrings
-a classic pair of diamond studs
-a big watch so you are always on time
-an armful of Chamak bangles

What is the best piece of fashion or jewelry advice you’ve received that we should all follow?

There is no such thing as too much! Stay true to yourself and show the world who you are through what you wear! And most importantly, have fun!


  1. Rekha Hira says:

    Hi Priya, I simply love your bangles…. I am actually related to Jugan/Vinita , your Mother in law. Good Luck and Good Wishes.. Rekha … From Chennai…. India.

  2. Rekha Hira says:

    Hi Priya, I simply love your bangles….. Rekha

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