Shoe Spotlight: Dr. Scholl’s Original Collection

Back by popular demand: the original collection by Dr. Scholl. William Scholl was an inventor and entrepreneur who created products to comfort feet. In the 60s, he designed a simple wood sandal with a brightly colored strap inspired by a vintage clog he found on his travels. He set out to make a shoe that was good for one’s health and ended up creating an enduring fashion icon. Today, with the belief that function and fashion should always be in perfect harmony, the company designs for your everyday life in the real world.

SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13

Not everything you find at The Shoe Hive will be practical, but we understand that our customers need practical shoes sometimes. Our customers are professionals, moms, athletes, artists and more. All of them–all of you–at one point or another will want to slip your feet into a shoe that is as effortlessly comfortable as it is stylish. There is no need to look anywhere else. Dr. Scholl’s are returning to The Shoe Hive soon!

SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13A SP13 OrigCollectionCatalog_05.14.13B


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