Channing Tatum and a hot pair of shoes

by Maria Jose

A few weeks ago I received an invite to the movie premiere of White House Down right here in the nation’s capital. I had no idea what the movie was about or who was in it, but I didn’t care. I quickly called my blogger partner in crime and friend Angelica of Clarendon Moms to be my plus one — I was so excited for a girls night out and more importantly it was a chance for this busy mamá to get dressed up!


I did very quickly realize that the movie starred Magic Mike and new daddy himself Mr. Channing Tatum, funnyman Jamie Foxx and the oh-so-fabulous Maggie Gyllenhaal. And that’s when I really started planicking — planning and panicking at the same time. I had NOTHING TO WEAR! I know, we women always say that but in my case it is because I just had my second child in January and I am still working my way down to my regular size.

As luck would have it, I did manage to find an old dress from my PR days in London that still fit — an A-line pleated black and white polka dot sleeveless dress from Zara. Oh happy day!

Channing 3

However, I needed a pair of sweet heels and I needed them to be comfortable (you know, just in case I had to RUN after Channing or something) yet chic and classy. Two days before, The Shoe Hivehaving heard of my possible Channing encounter, invited me to come by to select a pair of shoes.

Channing 2

The shop itself is always beautifully decorated and when I walked in that afternoon all of the bright colors just jumped out at me — the place was popping with a summer feel and just standing there among so much shoe beauty put me in a good mood. After ooohing and ahhhing over different styles, I ended up choosing a very classic yet sexy low heeled open toe bow pump. They were perfect and they couldn’t have found a better pair of feet to wear them.

The premiere itself is a whole other story, however I looked and felt so good and let’s just say that Channing missed out on meeting ME! I will say it was AMAZING to be in the same breathing space as him and such great acting talent. All that, and a great pair of shoes. It was the perfect busy mamá night out!


(Photo credit: Mama Fashion Files)

Disclosure: The Shoe Hive gifted me a pair of shoes to wear to the premiere. No other compensation given. Car service Uber DC kindly sponsored our transportation and are offering all Very Busy Mamá readers a FREE ride now through July 21st (first time customers). Click here for promo code. All opinions and views are my own.

María José is an Alexandria mom or mamá to a 4 ½ year old son and a daughter born January 2013. She blogs (and vlogs) about beauty, fashion and style on Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style. She is a freelance media strategist with an MA in Public Relations and Public Communication and currently writes for Disney and MamásLatinas.

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