Shoes in the News: July

It’s been a while since we’ve given you the dish on the fascinating world of footwear, so I thought we’d enlighten you this morning. Obviously, the only real news you need to know of is our massive summer sale going on right now, but I have a suspicion that you probably already knew about that. So, let’s move on.

  • Le Chameau is basically the French answer to Hunter Boots, and apparently they are branching out beyond rubber footwear now. Interesting. I’m not convinced yet, but hey, if they can get Kate Middleton to wear it like she did their boots, they’re bound to be a hit, right?Kate_Middleton_s_Woodland_Wardobe-_Zara_Jeans__Burberry_Shirt_and_Le_Chameau_Boots_
  • This is what happens when a male architect tries his hand at shoe-making. We end up spending $2,000 on a torture contraption.
  • We won’t be carrying these at The Shoe Hive anytime soon, but on my upcoming trip to Italy? When in Rome… (Not really.)
  • The next big name in shoe design. Remember, you read it here first.
  • Finally, on the topic of trends, we are sort of loving the silk pants (I refuse to call them pajama) and flat sandals look. If you are inclined to give it a go, here’s how.

So, that’s it. Did we miss anything?