Cameron Diaz and The Shoe Hive


So, what does Cameron Diaz have to do with The Shoe Hive. A lot, apparently. One of our longtime customer favorite lines has been Pour La Victoire and she is now assuming the position of artistic director. Who knows what that really means?

She claims that it is more than an endorsement, that she is going to be involved in the brand and the way it is represented. Is she the next Victoria Beckham or Olsen twin? Possibly.  Because as we have likely already forgotten even SJP’s foray into design was a dud. It’s really hard to make these collaborations work.

“Pour La Victoire gives me the opportunity to create something timeless,” Diaz said, while admitting some trepidation. “There’s a lot I have to learn about the business. I’m interested in learning how collections are created. The word ‘fun,’ I want to say that it’s going to be fun, but it’s deeper than that.”

I guess we’ll see. I am a little excited and intrigued to see how the brand evolves as a result. Always provide us with feedback, and let us know how you think she’s doing!


More on the celebrity-style collaboration here.

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