Introducing Leghila…The New “It” Bag

Introducing the newest bag label at The Shoe Hive: Leghila. Made of the very best neoprene, these bags combine the greatest resistance with extreme softness. And the manufacturing process is absolutely cruelty free. The bags come in a variety of color combinations, of which we will receive the white/lime green, orange/white, blue/turquoise, red/violet and white/blue.

The bags are made using a unique “raw-cut edge,” a technique that the company was the first to apply and patent. The zips, chains and all other accessories are 100% made in Italy and anallergic.

The best part about these bags? They are machine washable at 30 degrees water temperature. You do have to follow specific instructions though.

– Remove the chain.
– Reverse the bag and insert it in the washing bag (that comes with your purchase).
– Put the washing bag in the washing machine.
– Wash it at 30 degrees.
– Do not bleach or iron.

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