Anniversary Countdown: August

About three years ago, I got a call from the store. It went something like this.

Store: I think we just got the wrong shoes. They can’t be for us.
Elizabeth: What do they look like?
Store: Nothing you would ever order.
Elizabeth: What do they look like?
Store: They are a smoking shoe by Same Edelman with rose gold studs all over.
Elizabeth: I ordered those and I want a pair.
Store: Oh. Really? You are going to wear them?

2013-08-28 12.24.04

2013-08-28 12.24.16

So, I will admit they aren’t my typical style. They were also at the beginning of the smoking shoe trend–it was a little out of the norm for what we have. But I love them. They go with everything and are so comfortable. I will say they sold out quickly which shows when I go on buying trips I should not be afraid to buy a little outside my comfort zone. Now I would never think twice about buying studs or smoking slippers for the store!

2013-08-28 12.24.45

2013-08-28 12.25.17

2013-08-28 12.25.32

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