Anniversary Re-Cap

By: Tess Mackey

Last night The Shoe Hive celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a bash that brought out some of the city’s finest, including Mayor William Euille, and shoe lovers alike. I met Elizabeth six years ago on a whim while birthday shopping with my parents. She sold me my first pair of Shoe Hive shoes that happened to be patent leather, royal blue, Tory Burch Reva flats. When I walked into her store I always knew it was going to be a great experience, which made me visit frequently, and save for my favorite shoes each season. A decade has transformed The Shoe Hive into the premier shoe boutique in Alexandria, with more Reva flats to account for and countless other trendsetting styles that have given local women a step into the right fashion direction.

The night was filled with familiar faces as well as local bloggers and reporters such as Holly Thomas from Refinery29. Guests sipped on a signature cocktail, Bee’s Knees, and indulged in beehive cake pops and cookies. The raffle was a huge hit and will continue throughout the weekend on the 10 of every hour. Lucky winners will win prizes including an Ali Ro jacket and Hunter boots, depending on the drawing.

As I looked around at the buzzing crowd last night, I felt a sense of community support for not only Elizabeth but for Old Town itself. Growing up in Alexandria, I have been fortunate to watch Old Town grow into the successful town that it has become. Elizabeth is largely to thank for this due to her dedication and drive to make small businesses recognized and well received. To this day, I think of Elizabeth every time I slip on my flats, and how far she has come since her store on South Royal Street. Congratulations to The Shoe Hive and here’s to another ten years.

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