The Butter Story (and my October shoe pick)

There is one thing I have learned in my 10 years in business is that is easier to do business with people that think like you think and are inter-personally pleasant. That’s especially true with the people behind our great shoe designer lines and no other brand has been a better friend to The Shoe Hive than Butter.

I met Lee 10 years ago when we carried Cynthia Rowley shoes. A few years later she started her own company, Butter and the rest is history. Her mom, Irma, does all the books and as many of you know my dad owns half of The SHoe Hive and is my accountant.

The Butter line continues to be one of our bestsellers. It’s just the perfect combination of comfort and class. There is nothing else out there like Butter and they only sell to small boutiques like ours.

When you enter the showroom, it is hard to choose among a slew of beautiful shoes. I could open an entire Butter store.

2013-09-28 20.08.19

So, not only are these shoes ridiculously good and perfect for my 10-year anniversary, I mean they are gold glitter. But they also represent one of the things I like best about owning my own business: interacting with other admirable small businesses and making long-lasting friendships.

2013-09-28 20.10.46

What is your favorite Butter show? We know most of our customers have one!

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