Hunter Outerwear: A Worthwhile Investment

by Tess

With Winter officially on its way, I have started to retire my tank tops and am looking forward to cowl neck sweaters; though, there is one item I have hunted for for quite some time: a stylish yet practical down jacket.

When I was seven, my mom bought me a silver, short, puffy down jacket from GAP that I referred to as my “marshmallow coat.” I have retired that silver gem of a coat, but I proudly wore it until there were holes and it turned slightly brown. Now that I am twenty-three, and I am not sure how to pull off looking like a marshmallow, I have struggled with finding the right balance of warmth and style when it comes to Winter jackets.


That being said, I was ecstatic when I walked into The Shoe Hive earlier this week and discovered that they were now carrying Hunter jackets! I am a huge fan of Hunter’s rain boots that have kept so many of our feet warm during the dead of Winter, so it made perfect sense that the popular brand would make such efficient and good looking outerwear.

Although somewhat pricey, this is an investment that I can have for quite some time. Like my silver GAP puffer jacket, it is something I will wear until there are holes, and I don’t have to worry about it turning brown. Plus, look at that fur trim hood, how could I say no?

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