Black Friday at The Shoe Hive

Another year, another Black Friday. And this one is going to be good! As usual, we open at 6am and then entire store is 30% off. This includes Frye boots, Hunter boots and some of our jewelry which never goes on sale. The 30% discount extends to 8 am after which the discounts decrease (details below).

Yes, there is somewhat of a rush in the beginning as it is the ideal time for most of you to do your holiday shopping, so we recommend getting ahead of the game. Come in and pick out what you are going to purchase beforehand (we’re open today and tomorrow). Make a list of exact styles, sizes, and colors. You will likely not have a chance to browse at your leisure if you join us first thing in the morning. Still, the discounts are worth it.

NEW this year: Bittersweet Cafe will be handing out free coffee to our shoppers between 6 and 8 am. Just another reason to get there early!

Once you’ve hit up the Hive, pay a visit to the other stores in the area participating in this city-wide event. There are tons of deals to be had.

See you later this week and in the meantime, I hope you have a really wonderful Thanksgiving!