Pretty much across the board in retail, 2013 has been a less successful year than 2012. The holiday season is our last chance to make the year as successful as we can, so a few weeks ago I began brainstorming. What could we do at The Shoe Hive that would kick it up a notch? What was most popular last year?

Hands down. Our Men’s Night.

Okay, so we do that again this year. But how do I make it even better? Easy. We become your personal shopping service. (Yes, this is for real.)

It’s actually quite easy.

1. Come into the store and fill out a wishlist. Browse the store and make your own decisions. If you don’t have time, call us. Give us your information and tell us a little about yourself, and we will fill the wishlist out for you with the must-have items we think you, well, must have.


2. Don’t forget to leave contact information for the person who should receive your wishlist. Husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mom or dad. Your Santa Claus.

3. We do the rest! We’ll contact them and review the options with them. They can purchase over the phone or when they come in to pick up the gift–wrapped and ready to go. And if they are intent on seeing it first or picking something out themselves, we’re keeping Men’s Night around just for that.

Really, anything you need this holiday season, we are ready to help with. Want us to do your gifting for you too? We’ll take care of it. Send us your list and we’ll email you some ideas. If you just need some gifting inspiration, based on type or price, we’ve taken care of that too.

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