The Shoe Hive + Shoptiques

Until you have experienced the difficulties involved in maintaining an e-commerce website, you cannot possibly know everything that goes into it. It is very labor-intensive and particularly difficult for small businesses with a small staff and limited resources. Nonetheless, we recognize that many of our fans live elsewhere, and some of our local fans still want to shop online. Just because we are small doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer our customers the same quality experience online that they get in store. So, to this end, we decided to partner with Shoptiques to bring you the best of The Shoe Hive…online.

Our own website will be changing pretty dramatically this month. For the better, of course. It will include slideshows of our favorite brands, all of our videos, complete head-to-toe looks and more. For all Shoe Hive shopping though, you’ll either need to pay us a visit in person or shop through Shoptiques.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 22.34.14

On the 11th, the Shoptiques team took photos of close to 85% of our product and it should be up on our page before Christmas, so check back soon for more. Give Shoptiques a try and let us know what you think of it! We are really excited for this new partnership!

Screenshot 2013-12-12 22.34.37