What to Wear on Christmas Morning

Every Christmas, my kids wake me up at the crack of dawn to open the presents that Santa brought. With wrapping paper sprawled around the tree and my dog digging through bags and boxes, I inevitably still want a picture to capture the moment. I try to brush my hair and throw on some lip gloss and mascara, but, “dressing” for Christmas morning just seems to be a little much.

So, I’ve decided the solution to my problem is to wear super chic and cozy pajamas, which I won’t mind getting my picture taken in. We sell Elizabeth Cotton pajamas, and I love the fabric she uses. They are warm but not too heavy. Her lines are clean and the prints aren’t too overwhelming. This Christmas at six or seven or eight in the morning, opt for stylish pajamas and embrace your early morning picture.


P.S. My friend, Angela, from Bellacara wrote a quick post on Alexandria Stylebook today about Christmas morning makeup. It’s worth a read.