Winter Sale and Trend Predictions


It has finally arrived…the sale of the season! The Shoe Hive’s winter sale starts on New Year’s Eve and culminates in February’s Warehouse Sale (more information coming soon). Here are the details on this year’s sale:

30% off winter boots, shoes and bags! BUT today AND tomorrow, we’re offering an additional 10% discount on sale items! We say this every year, but it bears repeating: to shop smart, you need to shop early. The first reason is obvious, sizes dwindle quickly. If there is something specific you’re looking for, don’t wait too long before paying us a visit.

But there is something else to consider when shopping our sale–and any other sale for that matter: consider the trends. If you want to get the most out of your purchases, buying up any shoe in your size–while helpful to us–might not be the best use of your money. Even if you spend a little more, leave the store with a shoe that is either so classic that it will never go out of style or a shoe that represents a trend that will extend into 2014. What are those trends?


Truthfully, anything with a chunky heel. Think substantial over dainty. The Vino heel by Elizabeth & James is a perfect example. Also, we are excited to say, over-the-knee boots will get a third year in the spotlight so if you find an OTK boot on sale and in your size–invest. It’s worth it. Finally, color, color, color. And if you have to choose between colors, choose bold over bright.

Trends to avoid? Anything with see-through paneling. And designer baseball caps. Not that we ever sold designer baseball caps, we just felt the need to spread the word. They’re moving on.