Birkenstocks are back. Birkenstocks are back?

I finally had the time to catch up on the stack of magazines that have stared at me longingly for several months now. Really, I should make it a point to read them more regularly–it’s research, right? It was enlightening to read so many in one sitting; I now have a better picture of what is happening and what will come in fashion over the next few months. One particular trend was a little worrisome to me though. Apparently, according to Marie Claire’s December 2013 issue, Birkenstocks are back–the brand and the trend.


Michelle Guerrere, the author of this article, harks back to the Birkenstocks’ golden days in the ’60s-70s when they were paired with floral prints, bright colors and maxis. But am I the only one who also thinks of men in the South who still wear them with cargo shorts and t-shirts? Admittedly, I do appreciate the ongoing and wider trend of making comfortable shoes fashionable again. I’m still not certain I can embrace the return of the Birkenstocks. What do you think?

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  1. Birkenstocks hurt my feet in the ’60s and made me feel too earnest.

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