Dior Goes Aquatic

For those of you who might not know because you’re actually spending time on important things like family and work: the couture shows are happening in Paris right now. Truthfully, to me, the couture shows are not as exciting as the ready-to-wear collections because the couture is not, well, ready to wear. While couture is a veritable art form, I prefer to ogle clothing that I can actually envision on ourselves.

In their couture show, the Dior house presented the most wearable item perhaps ever seen on a couture runway. Wearable in the same way fanny packs are wearable: you shouldn’t wear them but many people still do. Along with the usual head-spinning elegance and romantic dresses, lavender bows and black leather pumps, were aquatic sneakers. That’s right, aquatic sneakers.


You know, the kind you had to wear to swim in the lake at camp as a kid. Or the kind they recommend you wear for white water rafting even as an adult. The strange Dior couture sneakers looked like black slip-ons with white rubber soles. While kind of taken aback by, frankly, their heinousness, we had to smile. Really, that’s what couture is about: expecting the unexpected and no one batting an eye when a model walks down the runway in aquatic sneakers. What’s next? A fanny pack? Oh wait, that already happened.

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