Invest Now, Wear Later: Ankle Boots

Shopping at the end of a season can be difficult. Winter sales are just as enticing as the new spring and summer merchandise that is trickling in. You are caught between low prices on black booties and fresh flats in innumerable bright colors. It’s also hard to justify spending money…even on sale items…if you don’t know whether or not they will still be in style next winter. We get it. We are sending mixed messages.

Thankfully, yesterday was the first day of New York Fashion Week, meaning that we are already getting a clearer picture of the trends that will return in Fall 2014. Fashion Week should inform your decisions about what to purchase now from our sale (and perhaps even from our spring/summer selection) as well as our decisions on what to bring back.


Yesterday morning, there was a ton of buzz over the Creatures of the Wind ready-to-wear fall collection and we have to agree, it’s pretty genius. We were also pleased to see that nearly every shoe that walked the runway in this particular collection was an ankle boot. In a range of neutrals, the styles were heeled and flat, angled and boxy, solid and two-toned. Every one just as enviable as the next. We’ll keep you posted on other styles that look like they are going to hang around for another year, but for now it’s safe to say that you can invest in virtually any ankle boot and you’ll be glad you did come September.



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