The Shoe Hive in Southern Living


I may have grown up in the Midwest, but I spent a good part of my childhood in the South. The furthest north my mom would move from Kentucky was Cincinnati when my parents married. My grandaddy was the county judge and my grandmother, who is 98, was a school teacher. They lived on a 500-acre cattle farm. It was my absolute favorite place to go as a child. I spent my days outside, going to the chicken house, fishing in the pond, and chasing one of their German Shepherds, whose name was always Governor.

When I wasn’t outside, I was inside flipping through Grandma B’s Vogue and Southern Living. So, I am so flattered to be mentioned in this month’s Southern Living. The fashion influence of my grandmother stuck but the cooking part I struggle with! Nonetheless, I love to read the magazine and I can make some pretty mean garlic grits.