Girl Crush: The AGL Sisters

I’m certain you know by now that one of our favorite brands at the Hive is AGL. Italian leather, superior design, and flawless execution. It simply doesn’t get better. The brand decided to up its social media game recently and has been following the three sisters who run the company as they travel recently. We truly had no idea they were this cool:


Meet the AGL sisters: Sarah, Vera and Marianna.

Sarah was born in 1978 and is the eldest of the three. She has a degree in business administration and has been the sales department head for well over a decade now. Vera is just two years younger. She graduated with a degree in communication and joined the family business in 2003. Her goal as Creative Director and Communications Manager? To make AGL a truly great brand. We believe she has succeeded. Finally, there’s Marianna, the youngest and according to AGL’s website the “most talented of the Giusti sisters.” She was born in 1982 and lives and breathes shoes. Apparently, she has been designing them since childhood. In 2009, their father Attilio gave her the opportunity to design for AGL, prior to which he had been the exclusive designer. As the AGL designer, Marianna hones in on styles that are both modern and representative of the brand. Needless to say, now that we “know” the AGL sisters, we love their shoes even more!





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