Luxurious Loungewear

You know something is good when we sell it before it’s even made it out of the box it arrived in. Last Friday, we received our second Sundry shipment, a line of luxurious loungewear we wrote about here. Everyone in the store was drawn to the box of super soft fabrics and easy-to-wear, throw-them-on-and-go pieces. We had to quickly put them in the system so they could be purchased right then and there.

We have been fans of Sundry since Elizabeth and Lyndsay discovered the line in Vegas last year. Who doesn’t want luxurious loungewear to put on the second you get home after a long day? Or a dress that feels like pajamas but is appropriate for Saturday brunch? The problem is that typically we are not in the business of selling apparel, and don’t really have a way to display Sundry’s awesomeness in store other than hanging it on a rack. So, we asked Patience to model some of our favorite pieces for you. And of course, after playing with the clothing yesterday, we all had to leave with pieces of our own. It really is that irresistible!

Photo Apr 07, 5 40 36 PM

Necklace by Heather Hawkins, $156
Dress by Sundry, $142
Sandals by Sam Edelman, $102

Photo Apr 07, 5 55 40 PM

Bracelet by Jenny Bird, $125
Serpent Earrings by Jenny Bird, $36
Necklace by Heather Hawkins, $188
Dress by Sundry, $142
Flats by Liebeskind, $145

Photo Apr 07, 6 04 02 PM (HDR)

Shirt by Sundry, $75
Sweatpants by Sundry, $114
Slip-on Sneakers by Superga, $65

Photo Apr 07, 6 10 27 PM (HDR)

Shirt by Sundry, $98
Sweatpants by Sundry, $95

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