Framing your Face

As a follow-up to a question about sunglasses we were asked to answer on Alexandria Stylebook, we thought you might benefit from a breakdown of the best types of frames for each face shape. Christen and Patience did a little research and this is what they’ve discovered.

Just as when you get dressed in the morning, the goal is balance. Once you’ve determined what face shape you have, you want to look for sunglasses that are the opposite of that shape.

Your face is heart-shaped if you have a wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrow chin. Truthfully, you could probably get away with just about anything, but the ideal shades for you will be cat-eye or round. Avoid anything overly embellished so as to not draw too much attention to the upper part of the glasses.


Lexington by Elizabeth and James in Black $155.

Your face is oblong if you have a long face with a narrow chin and cheeks. You want to counter the length of your face by finding wide frames that are either oversized (in any shape) or wrap styles. Avoid frames that are narrow; they will just reinforce your face-shape.


Candida by Kate Spade $138.

You lucky duck. An oval face has balanced cheekbones, forehead and jaw. Any shape works on you. Go crazy. Well, maybe not too crazy.


Lexington by Elizabeth and James in Purple $155.

If you have a broad forehead and square jawline, your face is square. Look for shades that are not overly geometric, that don’t emphasize the your angular bone structure. In other words, you want to look for round, oval or cat-eye shades.


Annika by Kate Spade $158.

You have a round face if you have full cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jaw. Look for wide, rectangular frames and avoid round frames or colored lenses, which exaggerate fullness.


MMJ392 by Marc Jacobs $98. For round shaped faces.