Help us shop for you!

Christen and I are headed to New York again on Tuesday to shop for fall/winter and resort/holiday. These trips are typically a whirlwind of shoes, paperwork, cabs and coffee. But we want to know what you want to see in the store! So, we plan on documenting our trip via social media so that you can chime in. Whether you need a reason to waste a few minutes at work on Facebook or you are in the habit of checking your Instagram every hour on the hour, please join in on the conversation.


Tired of nude or looking for luggage? Really need a pair of flat black boots without hardware? Have a dress that needs a specific colored heel to complement it? Let us know! We will also be blogging on the way back and will share photos of what we think we will be bringing in so you can share your feedback here too. We look forward to “shopping” with you!