The Monet vs. The Lexy

by Christen

After discussions with several customers this week about the values of both The Monet by Derek Lam and the Lexy by Kate Spade, I started really thinking about how I would wear them–which is especially helpful since I own both pairs. And I actually think they are more different (in terms of purpose) than one might originally suspect. The Monet (the ankle boot with the fringe) is a touch younger, trendier, and easier to wear. The Lexy hits a more sophisticated note, is very luxurious-looking but the height can be more challenging when figuring out how to wear it. So, here, I put together two looks for early fall, late fall, and winter.

Early Fall Collage

I never really set aside my ankle boots this summer. If it’s under 90 degrees, I still find wearing ankle boots with short dresses to be very comfortable. I will continue wearing them this way into fall. For the Monet (fringe), find a dress that is a little flirtier, not too fitted in a soft fabric like this dress by Joie. If you work in an environment where you can wear a dress and ankle boots, opt for the Lexy (buckle). Paired with a simply cut dress, cinched at the waist like this Theory dress, the Lexy will make you look taller while anchoring the whole look.

Late Fall Collages

Late fall is when I am able to have the most fun with my clothes. I love to layer, and ankle boots provide the warmth of a boot without limiting your layering options. For a night out, wear the Lexy (buckle) with an embellished dress, a cozy cardigan and leather leggings. For a day off, pair those same leggings with the Monet (fringe) and a sweater–even better if the sweater has leather or fur accents.

Winter Collage

Finally, when it comes time for coats, get creative. The Lexy (buckle) will look best with a classic coat in a lighter shade, preferably with texture or other fun detail. I know the next pairing will be too much for some of you, but hear me out. Leopard is everywhere, and there’s no better place for it than outerwear. Be careful with the print you select though when wearing it with the Monet (fringe). The base of the print should be in the greys and whites, not the yellows and browns. Another tip: leopard looks best when the cut of the coat is casual. A dressier leopard coat will look a little dated.