Introducing Ivy Lane Living & Linens

When I moved here in 1999, the reason I chose Old Town was because of my college roommate, Alex Deringer. Aside from my husband, she was the only person I knew in the Washington region–but she was persuasive even aside from her exclusivity in the area.

Can you spot Alex and me in this college photo of our group of friends?

Can you spot Alex and me in this college photo of our group of friends?

And of course, this is Alex now.

And of course, this is Alex now.

We bought our first house on the corner of Royal and Wilkes. Since I worked from home, I often walked up to King Street to get coffee. On one of those walks, I discovered a cute boutique on South Royal called Hysteria. I can say with confidence I was immediately one of its best customers and I became fast friends with the proprietor, Courtney Reynolds (now Cox).


In 2003, when Hysteria relocated to South Fairfax, Courtney urged me to open The Shoe Hive and gave me the confidence that it would be successful. I took the plunge and got in the boutique world and took on the lease for the space Hysteria had occupied. In due time, The Shoe Hive relocated to South Fairfax, next door to the new Hysteria. It’s safe to say Alex and Courtney got me into Old Town and retail. They both also have impeccable taste and an elegant style so it’s no surprise Ivy Lane–their popular design practice–has been such a success.

Alex and Courtney

Now, the two of them are teaming up for two great new retail concepts in Old Town: Ivy Lane Linens and Ivy Lane Living.

Ivy Lane Collage 2

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.14.58 PM

Ivy Lane Linens will specialize in vintage-style monogrammed linens, the likes of which Alexandria has never seen, along with gifts and sophisticated home accessories in scarce quantities. I’m sure you won’t be able to leave without taking home something special. Ivy Lane Linens is now open every Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5 at 309 Cameron Street.

Linens Collage

Ivy Lane Living is right next door and will serve as the workspace for their design firm. However, it will also include vintage furniture and other special pieces that can be viewed by appointment only. Finally, Ivy Lane Living will open to the public the first weekend of every month (starting this weekend!) for special events and trunk shows.

I’m certain that Ivy Lane Linens & Living will become one of your favorite stops in Old Town and your go-to source for gifts for your most tasteful friends. I hope you’ll welcome them to Old Town. It’s just what our great little boutique district needs.

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