Alicia Adams Alpaca

We are going to feature these same photos on tomorrow but we wanted to share this first with our own blog’s followers…especially since the photos submitted are of a good friend of mine, Madelyn.


I recently discovered Alicia Adams Alpaca, a family business which specializes in the design and production of textiles and clothing utilizing the natural and sustainable characteristics of one of the rarest and most luxurious materials–alpaca wool. Alicia Adams Alpaca, Inc. raises and manages a herd of over 200 Suri alpacas at a beautiful farm in New York’s Hudson Valley. The animals are docile and friendly, easy to keep and according to Alicia Adams herself “fun to farm.” The farm also happens to be her home, where she lives with her young family.

The alpacas at the farm are shorn yearly and their fiber processed into yarns for home wares and accessories as well as clothing. That’s where we come in. I was immediately smitten with their wide selection of cozy blankets, but doubted that it would make much sense for The Shoe Hive to start selling blankets. Luckily, the company readily agreed to transform my favorite color combinations and dyes into wraps and capes, just for The Shoe Hive. We’ve already sold out of the four double-sided capes that we brought in, but we still have a handful of the wraps–as seen on Madelyn here.


The alpaca wool these wraps are made of is fine, durable, hypoallergenic and lightweight. And the prints are beautiful and versatile. We no longer have the exact one Madelyn is wearing (they’re going quickly!) but remaining color combinations in store are brown, black and white; tan and navy; orange and navy. We are lucky to have such incredible textiles at The Shoe Hive and whether you get one for yourself or make one a special holiday gift, we know you’ll love them too.