The Wonder of Wolford

by Christen

All I’ve heard about Wolford since I started working at The Shoe Hive in April is that they are the best tights ever. They feel great on, they don’t run and they last forever. Or so our customers say. I have to admit that prior to my Shoe Hive arrival, I was not familiar with the brand beyond mere name recognition. So, I spent several hours yesterday familiarizing myself with our Wolford selection. I was in for a lesson in luxury.

I was first impressed with the variety. Variety in weight, pattern, color and fit. But then this morning I arrived to work wearing a new dress. The dress was much lighter (read: sheerer) than I thought, which I only discovered after having left my house. I decided to snatch up a pair of the black Wolford shorts so I didn’t feel quite so exposed. As I write this, I’ve been wearing them for 8 hours and I can honestly say that I get it. I get why our customers are so enamored. I haven’t once felt uncomfortable or restricted. I will definitely be investing in a few other pairs of various lengths before it gets really cold–probably a black patterned stocking and the opaque tights in a couple of colors.


And of course, minutes after I had put on my new “shorts,” a new-to-the-Hive customer unknowingly commented on our Wolford selection as well. Just this morning she read a review of Wolford’s Mat Opaque 80 on Refinery29. The author claims that after aggregating sales data, editorial recommendations and product reviews, the Mat Opaque 80 was named the Best Black Tight. The very best, folks. So there you have it.

PS: I searched for the review, and it looks like it was published in February of this year. Here you go.

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