The Hunt for Hunters: Part Two

While our first post on Hunter boots covered the variety of styles the brand carries, we realized that might not be all you need to know. Here are a few other tips and tricks that we share frequently with customers who own or are looking to own a pair of Hunters:

– What are those grey spots?
After a while, your Hunter boots will start to look cloudy. This is actually a result of the high quality rubber used in making them. The natural rubber experiences a vulcanization process as it makes contact with air, causing the discoloration. Some of our customers like this rustic look. If you don’t, there is an easy solution. Go to your local auto parts store and purchase Armor All (also available on Amazon). Massage the product into the leather with a cloth and they will look brand new. To prevent the cloudiness from ever happening, you can treat your boots with the Armor All regularly.


– Are they good snow boots?
Well, yes and no. The traction on the bottom of the boot makes it ideal for snow and rain. The problem is that they are not particularly warm. There is no lining built into the boot. Hunter has remedied this with their Welly Socks that come in a cariety of colors and styles, as well as their shearling insoles that provide the wearer with additional luxury, warmth and comfort. Both of these products are available at The Shoe Hive.

– What size would I be?
Hunters are only made in whole sizes, making the fit complicated. Typically, they run large and we recommend that shoppers size down. If you plan on wearing a Welly Sock and/or a shearling insole, you might get your size or a half-size up even. To determine your size, it is always best to try them on.

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