Supergas for Spring

by Christen

As the weather improves, Supergas seem to be top of mind for many of our customers. In fact, my friend Sam came in just this week for her very first pair. She wore her newly purchased white sneakers out of the store with black leggings and a black oversized sweater, looking effortlessly chic.

Supergas have been top of mind for me as well. I recently joked with my husband that to curb my own spending I would only ever buy Supergas and would forever be known as the “cool girl” who wears Supergas with everything. And then this morning, I sat down to an email notifying me that the first shipment of our spring Supergas are on their way. I’m giving this potential new identity some serious thought…

If you read our blog or have shopped with us in recent years, you are not new to the Superga craze. The purpose of this blog post, however, is to encourage you to see the sneaker–Superga or other–as more than just an ideal match for shorts and a t-shirt, or yoga pants and a hoodie. In fact, they serve you best when worn with pieces you’d least expect. I personally find that they are great paired with leather in winter and dresses come summer. They make a blazer look more modern, and a pair of trousers less stuffy. Here’s a little style inspiration for any of the sneakers in your closet, or the new Supergas you should be seeing on our shelves in a couple of weeks.




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