Elizabeth’s Mother’s Day Wish List

This Mother’s Day at The Shoe Hive we will combine the best of both worlds–hand-made, child-made gifts in addition to a great opportunity for the kids and Dad to pick out something from the store that’s on your wish list.

Along with our friends at Ivy Lane Linens we are hosting a Mother’s Day event this weekend. Moms can take the morning off and a loved one can bring in your kids for some shopping. There will be craft stations at both Ivy Lane and The Shoe Hive for the little ones along with some snacks. If you have time to stop in before hand, or have time to give us a call, there are “wish lists” you can fill out so you can get the presents you want. We are open normal hours Saturday but the event is 10 to 1!

Looking for a little inspiration? Here’s my wish list from Ivy Lane, and we’ll be sharing others’ wish lists with you over the next few days!

Brown wood texture. Abstract background, empty template

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