Elizabeth’s Shoe Closet Breakdown

A few days ago, Elizabeth gave a joint presentation with friend and stylist Alicia Mccaslin on style, trends and what every woman should have in her closet. Of course, Elizabeth was tasked with breaking down the ten shoes that will make any wardrobe manageable and this is what she came up with:


1. A neutral flat. This is the shoe you don’t have to think about. It goes with everything, is comfortable and can be worn during at least three of the four seasons.
2. A demi-wedge. Especially if you have bad feet, this shoe will provide a little lift, lengthening your legs without sacrificing comfort.
3. A black pointy flat. If you work in a professional environment, this is a must-have. And you’ll just have to trust us, the pointed toe is much more sophisticated and feminine than a round-toe ballet.
4. Strappy heel. Get a heel height that you can stand in for at least an hour or two, and if you opt for a nude the shoes will go with every evening or dinner-out dress in your closet.
5. A black bootie. This particular trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s stronger than the traditional knee-high boot. And if you get the right pair (one that doesn’t cut you off at the ankles), you can wear it with skirts, dresses and pants.
6. Sneakers. This is one trend we are grateful has made its way back to the mainstream. Of course, we are subjective and love our Supergas, but there are many styles and brands from which to choose!
7. Black pumps. You need these for all the same reasons you need black flats. And yes, you need both because you never know what the day has in store.
8. Riding boots. Get a classic style that hits you about half an inch below the knee. The shaft should be cut at a slight angle, and look for a style with minimal hardware. If you abide by these rules and care for your boots, they will last you a lifetime.
9. Summer sandal. Here, we showcased a cork version. You could go with another neutral, just be sure you aren’t limiting what you can wear with them. This is the dead-of-summer answer to your neutral flat.
10. Colorful option. You should insert color into your shoe wardrobe where you will wear it most. If you need a variety of work-appropriate shoes, get a red pump. If you find yourself running after your kids at the playground every day, get a blue sneaker. Wherever you need it, do color.