Alexandria and its French Connection

This week Alexandria is celebrating its “French Connection” with a visit from a replica of the French Tall Ship Hermione, which brought the Marquie de Lafayette to the city with news that the French government would back the American colonies’ drive for Independence. My husband plans on taking my five-year-old son to see this ship at the Old Town Waterfront, which he says sailed all the way across the Atlantic – not bad for 18th-century technology.


I will not be going to visit the ship – despite the fact that my son’s latest interest in learning French is too endearing for me to handle. (I mean how much better can it get to have five-year-old cutie ask you in his best Parisian accent if you’d like jambon with your croissant?) I have to confess that my disdain for historical “fun” is enough to allow me to miss this one – especially when I’m slated to visit Colonial Williamsburg later this month. I know my limits. But I am still eager to join the celebration of all things French.

I like French onion soup, French fries, and of course French fashion. In fact, I like all French luxury goods, more than those of any other nation on earth. I’d also like to make a plug for my favorite French-themed boutique in Old Town – La Cuisine. In many ways, Nancy Pollard, the owner of this great cooking store pioneered Alexandria’s great boutique district, establishing her business in the 1970s when the thought of Old Town as an upscale retail environment took more than a little vision. People literally come from all over the East Coast to shop at La Cuisine, so shouldn’t you take a trip down the street to see what you’ve been missing? Vive La France – and Vive Alexandria!

Here’s a link to a lot of the neat things happening this week to celebrate our French connection.

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