Meet the Rep: Mollie Ketroser of Sundry

Mollie may be the only woman–aside from Alexa Chung–who can pull off overalls. But she rocks them! And we feel as if that says a lot about her–she is cool, laid back, fun, and 100% herself. Meeting her at the Sundry stop at market is always a highlight of our trip.

Case in point.

Case in point.

We sometimes intentionally choose to meet her a little later in the day as an afternoon pick-me-up! Below, read Mollie’s answers to our questions and I guarantee you will be as enamored with her as we are!

1. What brand do you represent? SUNDRY!
2. How long have you worked there? 5 years this summer. Although I work for Simon Showroom and Sundry is a brand we represent.
3. What city is your brand based out of? LA
4. How long have you worked in this industry? Since I graduated college in 2011, so into my 5th year 🙂
5. Favorite shoe/piece of all time? My Celine cross body bag in royal blue.
6. Best part of your job? I get to work with clothes every day! It’s fun to always be the first to know/see trends and what will be big for the next season.
7. If you weren’t in fashion, what would you be doing? It’s crazy, but I was always extremely interested in the medical field… I’d probably stick to sales and be a pharmaceutical rep.
8. How do you spend your free time? With friends! Everything is better with someone by your side–I love to see movies, shop, EAT!
9. Predict the future: What will be the next big trend? I never know. Trends and fads are so far-fetched these days you never know what to expect! Who would’ve thought the ’70s would make such a huge comeback… I’m not complaining!
10. What’s in? What’s out? The ’70s are in! Effortlessly chic is what spring is all about… I think people are over the days of dressing uncomfortably. I think fashion has evolved into style that looks and feels comfortable.
11. Heels or flats? / Dresses or jeans? I am a total dress girl! I pretty much only wear dresses and skirts with any type of flats… Mainly over the knee boots or dresses with sneakers.
12. Why should our customers buy your [shoes/clothes]? Sundry is all made in the USA and fits the bill perfectly. We strive to always have effortlessly fun and comfortable clothing that makes you feel good. The best part is it is great for women of all ages!

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