How to Wear It: IRO’s Cropped Top

Friends, this is not a Crop Top. This is a cropped top. And, yes, there is a difference.


Very few people should actually ever wear Crop Tops. Actually, no one should really wear Crop Tops. Let’s just ban them forever, okay?

The Queen of Crop Tops

The Queen of Crop Tops

Except for vintage Britney. She can wear Crop Tops.

Cropped tops, however, are much more accessible. They look good on almost all body types, and can be worn in many ways. There is only one rule–to wear a cropped top, you must wear a bottom with a higher waistline. No belly buttons on display! This will not only make the look age-appropriate but will make your legs look impossibly long.


Christen chose to pair her IRO cropped top with Alice + Olivia denim culottes (again with the culottes!), one of our new Twine and Twig necklaces, and the recently arrived black lace Soludo espadrilles. All but the culottes are currently available at The Shoe Hive, including the sunglasses!