Meet the Rep: Karina De Jesus

When you meet Karina, you are instantly struck by her model-good looks, easy-going style and her soft accent. It turns out, Karina is from Latvia and her first introduction to the United States was Cleveland, Ohio–a fact over which she and Elizabeth bonded. “I grew up in a city in Latvia so it was a very different experience to go to a small college in Ohio, to have to drive a car everywhere.”


Still, Karina says that she appreciates her time in Ohio and believes that it was the right choice for her even though she now lives in New York. “I got a good taste of the Midwest!” Here’s our interview with Karina:

1. What brand do you represent?
Freda Salvador. However, I work at Archetype Showroom so I am in charge of several brands.
2. How long have you worked there?
A year and a half.
3. What city is your brand based out of?
Freda Salvador is based in San Francisco, but our showroom is in New York.
4. How long have you worked in this industry?
I’ve been in the industry for about 5 years. I started out with blogging, researching, attending shows and then got into sales.


5. Favorite shoe/piece of all time?
That’s a hard question! It’s not about one specific item, rather I tend to have an aesthetic that I always go back to – an oversized bomber jacket and black pointy toe boots.
6. Best part of your job?
I love the people I meet.The industry is full of interesting characters and I can learn from everyone. I also really enjoy being able to grow a designer’s business. There are so many talented people out there, and it feels really great to contribute to someone’s success.
7. If you weren’t in fashion, what would you be doing?
I would probably be in finance. It has always been a struggle between creativity and practicality.
8. How do you spend your free time?
With people that I love. Church, art galleries, parties, blogging, creating, food, traveling, concerts. I was just thinking today how grateful I am for the life I have the opportunity to live.


9. Predict the future: What will be the next big trend?
I think people are getting more and more tired of doing the same thing as everyone else so we will see lots of different interesting things – disheveled shapes and proportions, interesting use of fabrics (like duvet) and colors.
10. What’s in? What’s out?
There are lots of different styles that are in right now, but I am really into the more street, raw aesthetic. Clean yet edgy, oversized combined with super flattering silhouettes, denim. Ballet flats are a big no-no.
11. Heels or flats? / Dresses or jeans?
All of it!! I love a good heel as much as I love my sneakers and oxfords. Dresses are so easy and fun in the summer, but you’ll probably mostly see me wear really good denim.
12. Why should our customers buy your [shoes/clothes]?
Because they’re awesome! 🙂 They are hand made in Spain so the quality is really great and it has an artisan characteristic. Every pair is a little bit unique, and the style over all is super cool yet easy to wear every day.

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