Spring2ACTion at the Hive: Shopping, Great Style Advice, and Giving

by Elizabeth
Original post on AlexandriaStylebook.com

In many of my love letters to Alexandria, I have written about how inspiring it is to live in a town that is philanthropic. You won’t find another city place more committed to helping others. Everyone has at least one charity to which they either give their time or treasure, or both.

Spring2ACTion is a day that exemplifies the charitable spirit that makes our town so great. It is a 24-hour online giving event that raises thousands of dollars for local charities. This year it will be held on Wednesday, April 20.

A few years ago some stores wanted to get in on the fun, and The Shoe Hive was one of them.


One of my close friends, Kathy Martin, is passionate about a local charity, the Center for Alexandria’s Children (CAC). The work the CAC does is incredibly important…and very difficult. To put it in a nutshell, the CAC is a shelter for the city’s children where they can safely come and tell their story of sexual or physical abuse to the appropriate multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

But the CAC doesn’t stop there. They also focus on education of the public about this abuse and facilitate treatment for families and individuals who have experienced it. They’ve created real, systemic change so that the process works in a better and healthier way for the people who are in it. They roll up their sleeves and give their help, their protection, and their COMPASSION every single day and, because of that, they make kids’ lives safer. And they give HOPE for a much brighter future, which is probably just as important as any of the rest of it.


Kathy, who also happens to be a personal stylist, said, “Hey why not combine the three? Shopping, great style advice, and giving!” So on Wednesday, April 20, stop by The Shoe Hive from 6-9pm and help raise money for a great cause.

Kathy will be on hand giving out free style advice for anyone who likes to talk fashion or has questions about what’s “in style” or whether or not skinny jeans will ever go away, or anything else that strikes your fancy. She’ll help you pick out shoes, jewelry, hats, or even a pair sunglasses.

Here is the best part, The Shoe Hive will donate 20 percent of every purchase you make to CAC.

But it doesn’t stop there! This year, there’s an extra-something-special we decided to throw in to make it ever more fun. For every purchase you make that’s more than $150, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a mini-consultation from me on your shoe closet AND a $100 gift card for The Shoe Hive!

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