Introducing: The Beach People

by Christen

Similar to Twine and Twig, The Beach People is a brand I have followed and obsessed over on Instagram for several years. Unlike Twine and Twig, however, I had never thought of bringing the brand’s product to The Shoe Hive until Elizabeth stumbled on it and thought I was crazy for never having suggested it! Within a week, we were unpacking boxes of The Beach People’s towels and totes.

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What’s so special about The Beach People?

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The Beach People was founded in the summer of 2013 by sisters Emma and Victoria. (It just so happens that Twine and Twig was founded by sisters, too!) They make beach essentials that are designed to bring luxury and leisure to your seaside adventures and are inspired by their own beach travels to places such as Morocco and Montauk. The towels are hand drawn, designed in Australia and 100% made of the finest cotton. The original “roundie” is oversized and ultra soft–you will never buy another rectangular beach towel again!


(More styles available in store. All towels sell for $110.)

We opted to get a handful of The Beach People totes as well. While less familiar with them, the brand promised a sturdy canvas tote with soft leathery details and zippered compartments for wet clothes and other bits and bobs. The Beach People promised, and delivered! The unique shape of the bags makes them ultra-functional and even more stylish! ($99, all three colors.)


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Finally, we couldn’t leave out the kiddos. With two unique child-oriented designs, these smaller sized round towels will make naps on the beach this summer much more appealing to your little ones!


(Kids towels sell for $79.)

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